Bringing Hope to Children Around the World

Our Mission

Promise Child desires to see the empowerment of underserved children worldwide through sponsorship providing education, nutrition, and the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Philosophy

The Love of God compels us. We believe in indigenous, local intervention to provide children and their communities with sustainable change. We want to adapt our program to each culture and community's specific needs.

Our Vision

At Promise Child, we care deeply about the individual. Although we desire to help as many children as possible, we aim to expand only with qualified and trained local leaders and the means to have a sustaining and successful program.


Years of







What Makes us Different

Individualized Care

Each child has unique needs and dreams. We aim to meet each child where they are and help them grow into all they were created to be. Our international leaders are responsible for checking in with each child individually, hearing their needs, and providing for them based on available funding or donor gifts.

Financial Integrity

We are a nonprofit organization of our word. We guarantee that 100% of your sponsorship funds go directly towards providing for the designated child or group home. We do not take administrative fees, and we cover all transfer fees through our general fund. We want to help you make the most significant impact possible.

Community Building

Child sponsorship is just one aspect of our ministry, which has opened the doors to provide community intervention engaging local churches, entire villages, and even refugee settlements. We take the same approach of adapting to each community and people group's cultural and unique needs.

Gospel Focused Ministry

We firmly believe that we can make all the humanitarian efforts in the world, but if we fail to bring the Hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the world, we have failed. Everything we do is for the glory of God and that others might come into a saving relationship with Jesus.

International Partnerships

We know we cannot and do not want to do this alone. It takes organizations and ministries linking arms and working together to bring hope and healing to the nations. We are proud partners with various great groups that all have hearts to see the lost found and the underserved empowered.

Ways to Make an Impact

Child Sponsorship


By being a child's monthly sponsor, you are providing them with education, health care, nutrition, and the Gospel and giving them a sense of belonging. Many Promise Children consider their sponsor family. They ask about you, pray for you, and find comfort in knowing you do the same for them. Some children require multiple sponsors depending on the nation, living arrangements, and school grade.

Next Grade Fund


If you're undecided about committing to a monthly sponsorship, this one-time gift can help a child stay in school for one more year and hopefully advance to the next grade. Giving in advance is a great way to guarantee funding for at least one year, but we hope that your Promise Child becomes like family to you and you stay with them through the duration of the program.

Children's Home Fund

Any Amount

If it's too difficult for you to choose just one child, helping fund one of our many group homes is a great way to make a maximum impact! Children in our full-time care require more funding as much more is involved. These homes allow children to live in a Christ-centered, healthy environment  with home parents and other Promise Children. We have homes in several nations, some may not be listed for security reasons.

We Can DO This TOgether

Success Stories

Simon A.

Fortunate A.

Jackson O.

Simon joined the Promise Child program at an early age. Despite living in a very challenging area, he excelled in school and hoped to become a school teacher one day to help the children in his poverty-stricken community. Through our Jeremiah Project, Simon achieved his dreams and attended college. After he began teaching back in his village, Simon realized that more than education ever could, the Gospel is what brings true hope. Feeling the call and burden to teach and minister to very remote, dangerous tribes, Promise Child funded Simon to attend the School of Ministry. He has now completed that schooling and is working full-time with Promise Child while preparing to enter the mission field with his wife.

Fortunate was living in hopelessness on the streets of Arua, Uganda, when we first met her. With a desire to leave and escape this forced and traumatizing lifestyle, she joined our Promise of Hope House. This one-year group home helps young women find their identity and value in Christ while training them in salon or tailoring skills to start a new life and business after the program. After graduating from the Promise of Hope House, with her newfound confidence, Fortunate desired to pursue a degree in social work with an emphasis on special needs intervention. Through our Jeremiah Project, she completed a degree in social work that she now uses to help children in similar situations she used to be in. Fortunate also volunteers with Promise Child and the Promise of Hope House.

Jackson's father is mentally disturbed. His mother is severely impoverished and could not care for him. Unfortunately, like many young children in Haiti, Jackson wandered the streets in search of basic needs like food, water, and shelter. The details of his street life are unclear because he does not like to talk about those desperate times. Thankfully in 2021, Pastor Leo, the leader of our group home in Haiti, met Jackson and offered him a new way of life. Jackson is now in our full-time care at our Cap-Haitien Children's Home. At the age of 12, it's Jackson's first time attending school. He is doing so well at the children's home and has become a big brother and inspiration to many of the other students he now calls family. He even likes to lead the other children in times of prayer. Now that Jackson can receive proper nutrition, adequate shelter, the love of family, and ultimately the love of Christ, he is excelling at everything he does! We could not be more proud of him or the bright future ahead.

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