Most Needed General Fund

Our most needed general fund is arguably the most important fund in all of Promise Child. Giving to the greatest need allows us to react to emergency situations that may arise in the mission field. A child who needs a malaria net, a family that needs a new roof, an emergency medical treatment, disaster relief and much more. Having a reserve in this fund allows Promise Child to quickly meet urgent needs of any child or project and has been a key factor in meeting people where they are with the Gospel. 

Helping Us Keep Our Promise

One of the aspects of Promise Child that sets us apart from other child sponsorship or nonprofit organizations is our guarantee that 100% of all sponsorship funds go directly to the designated child or project. The only reason this guarantee is possible is because of generous donations to our most needed general fund.  A percentage of this fund is used for wiring, transfer, and international fees so that we can ensure when a donor gives $15 a month for a child, that child receives all $15 worth. In total, our average overhead is approximately 3-4%.

What a blessing it is to be the hands and feet of Jesus; as needs arise, we can provide because of gracious giving to our Most Needed General Fund.

– Pastor Brent Kaser

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