Medical Care & Clinics

Many Promise Child families struggle with various medical ailments. Funding allows family members to get the much-needed attention that they would never be able to have without assistance. In some cases, doctors are not available in rural villages. Taking family members and children to larger cities to see doctors is too expensive for these families and puts an even more significant strain on what little resources they might have. Simple things that we take for granted, like the ability to treat minor cuts, scrapes, and infections, can cause life-threatening illnesses or even death.

Sickness in South Sudan

With nearly 280,000 Sudanese refugees in our area of northern Uganda, God has given us an excellent opportunity to minister to them. By providing support for our medical clinic, we will be able to tangibly love those who are sick while sharing the Gospel with them at the same time. 100% of your donation will care for these refugees who have endured horrific trials. 

Our South Sudan Medical Clinic sees approximately 100 patients a day, all for free! Most of these patients wait in line to receive life-saving pharmaceuticals that they would otherwise have no access to. People in South Sudan die every day from preventable diseases. By enabling the South Sudanese to have access to a trained doctor, they hope to live whole and healthier lives! 

Simple Prevention

Malaria is one of the most severe public health problems worldwide. It is a leading cause of death and disease in many developing countries, where young children and pregnant women are most affected. Every two minutes, a child under five years old dies from Malaria. A simple malaria net can save multiple children’s lives as each net can protect several children. Each Promise Child is provided with a new malaria net when they need one. Also, handing out malaria nets to children and families in need is a staple of most Promise Child events.

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