Livestock Programs

Our goal has always been to have sustainable work. Providing a chicken, pig, or goat farm that pastors can maintain to become self-sufficient is priceless. Giving livestock and income-generating animals is one of the quickest, most effective ways to help lift people out of poverty. Animal donations can provide families and leaders a hand up – increasing access to medicine, school, food, and a sustainable livelihood.

Survival & Rural Micro-businesses

In rural villages, goats are often the key to a family’s survival or the opportunity to send a child to school. Goats provide milk, cheese, and butter for nourishment, income through sales of extra milk, and better crop yields by creating fertilizer. Goat milk is easily digestible, and one goat can produce up to four gallons a day. Children can also care for goats teaching them life skills through daily chores.

Gift donations of chickens help provide a family in need with the opportunity to produce more chickens, they multiply quickly! Chickens provide eggs and protein for nourishment and boost income through sales of extra eggs and offspring. Chickens can thrive in small areas and can be fed with local resources; this allows families to make money from the chickens without spending much. A good hen can lay up to 200 eggs a year!
Pigs can provide an instant income for families and ministry workers, helping them to become self-sufficient. Pigs multiply quickly and can be sold at great profit margins. Pig-pens are cheap and easy to build allowing for easy care and quick profits.

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