Indigenous Ministry Leader Development

​The work of Promise Child would not be possible without the Lord’s provision of our international ministry leaders. We are blessed to have a team of over 75 individuals laboring in five different nations for the sake of the Gospel.

These ministry workers are indigenous to the culture and community they minister to, which helps break down any Gospel barriers. Please consider supporting the ministry of Promise Child by partnering with our hardworking international leaders.

Minimum wage and average income in most of the nations we work in is equivalent to less than $3 a day. Most studies show that more than half of Haitians live on less than $1 a day. In South Sudan, because of inflation, it is estimated that most South Sudanese make an average of $0.95 a month.

Ministry With Less Barriers

Our goal is not to see the nations we work in become more Western but to become more godly in their cultural context. By developing native ministry leaders instead of sending cross-cultural workers, we’ve seen a significant reduction in barriers to the Gospel. Not only do our international ministry leaders speak the same language as the people we minister to, but they also can relate in culture and experience. Our ministry leaders can develop deep, meaningful relationships with the people they serve. Whether it’s children in school, persecuted Muslim converts, struggling refugees, or survivors of trafficking, having ministry leaders from this same background has helped unreached people to realize God is personal and loves them no matter their experience or situation. 

Communities in Need

We greatly value the practicality of ministry. By hiring and developing international leaders, we can help these individuals, their families, and communities live with a little more ease. Not only are they able to provide for their families with the support we give them, but they can also help their communities. It’s an efficient way of showing the world that God sees and provides. 


We also greatly value the sustainability of ministry, which is why we try to help our ministry leaders learn a trade or have a side business like livestock farming to reduce their dependence on international funding. This, of course, may take some time but is highly beneficial for our leaders, their families, and communities as well. 

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