International Children’s Homes

Sometimes we are blessed with the unique opportunity to build and start homes specifically for Promise Children. We can save children off the streets who are orphaned and in danger of trafficking. This requires us to have Jesus-loving home parents and a facility to care for their every need. Of course, this requires more legal and financial responsibility than simple child sponsorship. Because of this, children living in a Promise Child Home require numerous sponsorships to cover the cost of their every need. We love giving these children a place to call home and people to call family. Often, they experience love, shelter, proper nutrition, education, and most importantly, Gospel-centered care for the first time. We are currently blessed to have three children’s homes in two nations.

Asia Boy's Home

God has placed a particular burden for marginalized, orphaned, and underprivileged children. As we continue to care for the children brought under our care in Asia, all of them primarily girls, we strongly feel we must also consider helping orphaned, and marginalized boys who are vulnerable, abused, and mostly forgotten. 

After years of prayers, we finally started our boys’ home in Asia, which is committed to love and care for orphaned and marginalized boys from different parts of the country. We currently have five boys in our home. Three are Chepang boys, one of the most marginalized tribal people in Asia; two are brothers and one cousin who lost their fathers and were in great need of care. The other two boys are orphaned, one from the Tamang community (another tribal community of the mountains of Asia) and another moved from our Asia Children’s Home since this is a better fit for him. We are blessed to have them all and help them with their needs of care, love, education, and food and, above all, to share the love that makes all these possible, the Love of our Father. 



Thankfully God has provided house parents for these boys, Tanka and Indira. Tanka attended Calvary Chapel Bible College in Asia and graduated from the school in 2020. They have faithfully served the Lord for many years and are excited to be entrusted with loving and caring for the boys. Please pray for these boys, the new house parents, and all the beautiful things God is doing and will do in and through our boy’s home. 

Asia Children's Home

God called one of our in-country workers and his family to help vulnerable children in need of love, care, and protection. Our worker and his family live in a notorious district for trafficking young girls. The people group known as “Chepang” are the most marginalized and impoverished in Asia. Hundreds of children are trafficked for labor or are sold in brothels every year. Poor families are lured by much-needed money, which traffickers promise will be sent if they send their daughters to work. Our worker started by taking in two little children who would have died if they were not given medical attention and left in their grim living situation with only their poor aging grandmother to take care of them. This little act of love grew into a family, and his family is now taking care of 9 precious children (including two house parents’ children). Many of these children are orphans from marginalized groups and high trafficking areas. The children shown below are currently living in the Children’s Home, teaching them God’s Word, showing them God’s unconditional love, and being cared for full-time by house parents and a live-in tutor as well.

Cap-Haitien Children's Home

Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere, and Cap-Haitien is one of the poorest cities in Haiti, so you can imagine the devastation. The UN recently reported that 1,000 children a day are becoming homeless by being dropped off on the streets, churches, hospitals, and schools. Parents abandon their children in Haiti for many reasons, but poverty is one of the highest. We are blessed to support a Christian children’s home in Haiti that currently cares for 21 children in dire need. These children are receiving love, education, shelter, food, life-skills training, and most importantly, the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

“I came to Haiti after a fight to help with a medical outreach and the Lord took a piece of my heart and placed it in Haiti. I will have children, grandchildren, and God willing great grand children, but Haiti will always be my first love.”  – Beneil Dariush (Sponsor & UFC Fighter)

Asia Girl's Home

After the devastating Asia earthquake in April of 2015, Promise Child was called to return to the country where our ministry began. In early 2016, we opened a girl’s home for children that have been affected by the disaster. Because of the dire living conditions, young girls are targets for trafficking. There are now 14 girls living in the newly established Promise Child home. We have had the privilege of watching these girls grow up into young, educated, and compassionate ladies over the years. Since these girls are being cared for on a full-time basis, they will need multiple sponsors to meet their needs. Many living expenses come with managing complete time care at the girl’s home. All of these remarkable young girls who live in our home are available for sponsorship on our general sponsor a child page.

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