Calvary Cap-Haitien School

Calvary Christian School in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, is a private Christian school connected with Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda, where children can obtain an excellent, free, and spiritually driven education. Every day these students listen to the Bible in their heart language with their teachers through the Faith Comes By Hearing Proclaimer and answer inductive Bible study questions for 30 minutes. Currently, there are 125 children enrolled in grades preschool through 5th.

Our hope and prayer for this school is to eventually educate students through high school. We are trying to move at the Lord’s pace to keep this work sustainable. That being said, we plan to add one grade level each year. In the 2022/23 school year, we will be adding grade six. 

“Approximately 50 percent of Haitian children do not attend primary school, while roughly 80 percent fail to reach secondary school.

Haiti is the only country in the Americas with an adult literacy rate of less than 50 percent and a youth literacy rate of less than 80 percent.” (CYFS)

A full stomach is essential for learning, and good nutrition is critical to a child’s development. Guaranteeing these children one good, hot meal a day is life-changing. Many of these students live in extreme poverty, fighting starvation any way they can, even eating out of dumpsites. These students now know they will have at least one meal and be able to focus and learn while at school. To provide a well-balanced, nutritional meal five days a week to all 70 students and their teachers at school costs approximately $2,000 a month. This also includes feeding the children during their two-month break from school.

Simply sitting in a classroom is not enough. If young, growing students do not have full bellies and proper nutrition, they will significantly struggle to stay awake, pay attention, and experience decreased retention and comprehension.

Children's Home

Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere, and Cap-Haitien is one of the poorest cities in Haiti, so you can imagine the devastation. The UN recently reported that 1,000 children a day are becoming homeless by being dropped off on the streets, churches, hospitals, and schools. Parents abandon their children in Haiti for many reasons, but poverty is one of the highest. We are blessed to support a Christian children’s home and Christian school connected to Calvary Chapel Cap-Haitien. Currently, there are 21 children in the house with a few caretakers and home parents, Pastor Leo and his wife, Sandra. These children are receiving love, education, shelter, food, and most importantly, the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Also, they attend Calvary Christian School, where Leo is the overseeing Pastor.

“I came to Haiti after a fight to help with a medical outreach and the Lord took a piece of my heart and placed it in Haiti. I will have children, grandchildren, and God willing great grand children, but Haiti will always be my first love.”  – Beneil Dariush (Sponsor & UFC Fighter)

Senior Pastor Joshua Holiday and Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda in California first started ministering in Haiti many years ago. Their hearts were captured by God’s people, especially the children, in Haiti, and they have been engaged in missions there ever since. In 2014, Beneil Dariush, a CCYL member and UFC fighter joined a church mission trip. In Haiti, a beautiful partnership began through CCYL, Beneil Dariush, and Pastor Leo. Along the way, the simple ministry has turned into sustainable works of a school, feeding program, and children’s home. In 2021, Promise Child came along with CCYL and Beneil to aid with Child Sponsorship and financial accountability. We are so blessed to now have a vast blend of ministries working together in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, to further the Kingdom of God.

Calvary Chapel - Expansion

Calvary Chapel Cap-Haitien has been a refugee for so many that are destitute and deeply suffering. This church is a beacon of hope in this community. We praise God for the growth of the church, but unfortunately the small building and difficult location on the side of a rocky hill prevents so many more from being able to attend church and hear the Word of God. God has provided a new location for the church on a land near the road and closer to the children’s home. Now, we just need to build the church building! 

Pastor Leo Azilien

Pastor Leo is the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Cap-Haitien and oversees all of the Promise Child ministries. This fund helps provide for his personal needs as he supports his family and labors full-time in the ministry. 

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