Ministry Programs in Haiti

The situation in Haiti has reached a critical level, with widespread gang control over major cities, including the capital, Port-au-Prince, and critical ports. This has led to a complete shutdown of flights into the country and the closure of the border with the Dominican Republic to all imports and exports. The government is struggling to maintain security and provide essential services in the face of these challenges. At least 1.4 million Haitians are on the verge of famine, according to the U.N.’s World Food Program.

Promise Child has been working in Haiti since 2010, and we have no intentions of stopping! With in-country Promise Child workers being displaced, a country-wide increase in struggle to survive, and a desperate need for the Word of God like never before, Promise Child has made some ministry program changes in Haiti to best serve the people. Using the button below, your generous donation will empower all of the programs outlined on this page. 

Cap-Haitian Children's Home

Given the current state of emergency in Haiti, Promise Child is prioritizing the  reunification for the existing children in our children’s home with their families and providing ongoing support to them and their caretakers. It has been such blessing and privilege to house and care for these children physically and spiritually over the last few years.

In this transition, Pastor Brian with Cross-to-Light ministries has agreed to help the children in our children’s home by sending his National Director, Charles Watson, and National Security Director, McKenzie, to Cap-Haitien to do monthly follow-ups on the children until Brian’s new pastoral team is assigned to Cap-Haitien. We also have a team of leaders who are currently visiting the children and accessing family needs. 

Most of our children have been reunited with their families and will continue in our program under the above guidelines. We have lost one child who went to the DR and two children who are now in the States. The remaining 17 children remain in our program.

Feeding Programs in Haiti

Although the children in our feeding program in Cap-Haitian will soon be reunited with their families and no longer in our full time care, we are still committed to helping them stay fed in the midst of this national famine. Funds and provisions will be sent to their caretakers and updates on their well-being will be taken.

We are committed to supporting the most vulnerable in Jesus’ name. To this end, we will be sending  monthly funds for a feeding program in Citi-Solia, one of the hardest-hit areas in Haiti. This program will provide essential nutrition to those in need, demonstrating our love and care for our fellow brothers and sisters. 

In addition, we will provide funds monthly for a supplemental feeding program for all Cross to Light ministry workers and the men in their Pastoral Training Program. This will ensure that the body of Christ is well cared for as they continue to sacrificially serve those around them.

FCBH Partnership & The Gospel

We have also determined that now is the time to blanket the country of Haiti with God’s Word. God has given us a fresh vision and a deepening of two incredible partnerships with Faith Comes By Hearing and Cross To Light Ministries. 

An expansion of our Faith Comes by Hearing audio Bible listening programs at all 12 Cross to Light churches, including 100 mini Proclaimers, 25 large Proclaimers, and 5 Gospel film packs for each church. Congregation members will receive Proclaimers, while others will be assigned to start audio Bible listening and film viewing groups in each location. God’s word can reach hundreds of thousands with this new program.

We are bringing on a national Haitian field worker as our new full-time FCBH/Promise Child field coordinator. This field worker will work closely with the 12 churches, training group leaders, giving testimonials and updates, and maintaining an active list of those who have attended listening groups. Her dedication and efforts will significantly contribute to the success of our programs.

Funding 50 Creole Bibles for each of the 12 churches, that’s 600 total Bibles!

“As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.” Genesis 50:20


Church Planting in Cap-Haitian

Promise Child and others have partnered to purchase land for a new church plant in Cap-Haitien. With the Cross to Light indigenous church building plan, we can build a church and fund the furnishings for two Cross to Light Pastors who will soon be set up to shepherd the church.

It is essential for a Bible-teaching church to be planted and grow in Cap-Haitian if there is hope for heart transformations in the midst of so much pain and suffering. The people of Cap-Haitian need to know that God sees them, loves them, and welcomes them into His family. Promise Child seeks to raise $25,000 for the above church project. This should cover the entire cost of the church building, which will be able to house hundreds. 

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