Partnership With Faith Comes By Hearing

Our partnership with Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH) came in 2010 after a horrendous earthquake hit the country of Haiti. After seeing the power of God’s Word in audio format, Promise Child was all in with our partnership. As a ministry, we are 100% behind FCBH’s “Vision 2033”, which has seen hundreds of ministries come together to fulfill the great commission and have God’s word in every language by 2033. We firmly believe that only God’s Word brings true healing to those who are broken and hurting. The ultimate goal is to bring God’s Word to all people in their heart language. We have children in our schools, hostels, and our boy’s and girl’s homes listening to God’s Word daily.

Over the years, Promise Child has distributed thousands of Audio Bibles (Proclaimers), started Proclaimer listening program, funded multiple languages into audio for the first time, and funded and distributed the Gospel film into various languages. We are also extremely excited that we have begun to promote the “Read – Listen – Watch – Discuss” Program worldwide, including in the United States. We want to ask you to consider being involved yourselves! It is through your faithful prayers and treasured donations that we have been able to accomplish these things to the glory of God!

Nearly 50% of the world is functionally illiterate. This means even if you were able to get a Bible in their language to them, it would be of absolutely no use. Also, much of the world still lives in oral communities where there may be no written language at all.

Proclaimers - Audio Bibles in Every Language

We are called to spread the Word of God throughout all the nations of the world. Faith Comes by Hearing has recorded God’s Word on solar-powered audio devices called Proclaimers in 1,353 languages, reaching more than 5 billion people in 185 countries. They continue to record God’s Word in other languages to help spread the Word to more non-reached, illiterate nations. 

Promise Child would like every child in our program to access Proclaimers. Also, while doing relief in Asia, we have been able to bring God’s word to those who are most vulnerable. Through listening to the FCBH Proclaimers, hearts are transformed and given hope. A few years ago, our Ugandan grandmother, Obaru, went to be with Jesus. Obaru was courageous as she left the faith she grew up with to become a Christian. She set an example for the entire community and left a legacy for her children and grandchildren. Once Obaru fell in love with Jesus, she became a lover of the Proclaimer language that she listened to daily. She once said the Proclaimer was her “companion”- and it was Jesus Himself that was with her – John 1:1. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Proclaimers revolutionize international ministry and give people from every tribe and tongue the opportunity to listen to God’s Word in their heart language.

Scott Nutter photo

Scott Nutter

FCBH Director of Relations

“Promise Child and Faith Comes By Hearing have partnered together for over a decade. Promise Child has established thousands of listening groups using the Proclaimer an audio Bible supplied by FCBH. The use of the Proclaimers has proven to be an amazing tool in the hands of Promise Child church planters and missionaries. People groups throughout the world now have access to God’s word in the heart language that speaks to them personally because of Promise Child’s ministry.”

Listening Groups

Over the last several years, with the help of Faith Comes By Hearing, we have started thousands of audio Bible listening groups. These groups come together weekly to listen to and discuss God’s Word. There are groups within public schools, prisons, refugee camps, remote villages, and universities. We know that over 50% of the world is illiterate and could not read an analog Bible if given to them, but God’s Word in audio format brings the Word alive in people’s heart languages. Is there a more precious gift that can be given than the very Word of God?

Off The Streets & In Their Seats

We have seen incredible results through our Bible listening programs in the schools we support. Teachers will play the Proclaimers (at least 3 times a week for one chapter each session) and ask inductive Bible study questions of the children. The responses are always dynamic as the Word of God penetrates children’s hearts. Teachers and headmasters all over the world have testified that as children listen to God’s Word their character changes; they stop quarreling, stealing, hating other tribes, and genuinely want to be different. Parents ask and testify of changes at home and we always point back to the life-transforming Word of God. Many of the students being reached through this program are from Muslim families. 

Breaking Out for Good

God has graciously opened up prison doors through Uganda for Proclaimer programs. Most prisoners in Uganda experience terrible conditions and even though there are a wide range of offenses, most prisoners are intermingled and serve similar sentences. Prison Officer David Ckoki in Soroti said, “the prisoners had never had the chance to hear the Word of God, but Proclaimers were brought into the prisons, and many inmates believed in Jesus as their Savior. The Coronavirus came, and there was no access for pastors to minister in the prisons. Hence, the officers decided to join hands with the prisoners and formed listening groups together!” We’ve heard testimony time and time again how allowing prisoners and guards to listen to the Word of God in their heart language has completely transformed the prison system. Follow-up discipleship programs have been established for inmates who are released. This will connect them to the local church and local Proclaimer listening groups. 

Bibles To Buildings

When people have access to the living Word of God in their heart language in audio format, there’s no telling how great revival will be! Providing access to the underserved and unreached people of the world is exactly what Faith Comes By Hearing does when they make the Proclaimers and what Promise Child does when they carry the Proclaimers into remote places like the South Sudanese refugee camp Bidi Bidi in Uganda.

Gospel Film Project

Promise Child has been so blessed to partner with Faith Comes by Hearing in the Gospel Film Project. We have funded multiple languages to be put into this brilliantly shot film of the Gospels. It is now a discipleship tool that we are using all around the world to give people a visual of God’s Word. Gospel Films are a ground-breaking, multi-language biblical resource that will transform the way people around the world discover, study, and engage with God’s Word. For the first time, the complete unabridged text of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John have been faithfully brought to life in visual form by the LUMO Project. By combining their compelling cinematic portrayal of the life of Jesus with our word-for-word audio Scriptures in the languages of the world, Gospel Films are revolutionizing the way we experience the Bible. Promise Child has been honored to be a partner in funding the language translations and distributing the gospel film to regions all over the world.

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