Jeremiah Project

In each of our countries, we identify students who have significant academic potential from time to time. Very few children we work with would ever have the opportunity to go to college and would never be able to afford to pay for higher education themselves. This fund allows these exemplary students to attend college with the understanding that they make a two-year commitment to serve in the church, using the skills that they have acquired once they have graduated.

Many of our early Jeremiah Project beneficiaries are studying in the medical field, knowing they can serve at the two hospitals supported through CC Midigo & Promise Child. Another graduated from the university and is now teaching at the Midigo Primary School. Our goal is to see gifted students be able to receive the best education possible and use those gifts for the glory of God.

High School, College, and Beyond

Unfortunately, high school (often referred to as secondary school) is not seen as necessary, is difficult to access, and is very expensive in many areas of the world. Typical child sponsorship is often unable to meet the school fees and requirements for secondary education. Because of this, our Jeremiah Project funds step in and supplement child sponsorship limitations to allow students to continue their education in high school, college, and beyond. In many cases, higher education is the best way for the next generation to break poverty, corruption, and violence cycles. 

Job Training & Small Business


We aim to help individuals either gain a professional career or start their own small business. By providing training and equipment such as a simple sewing machine, we have seen many individuals turn from hopelessness to empowerment. We believe this is an important and practical way to show the love and grace of Jesus. Once people have the means to survive, they can focus on helping others. 

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