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Promise Child’s primary goal is to bring hope to children through a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Through meeting the basic individual needs of each child-  such as food, clothing, shelter, and education- the light of Christ shines into their lives, bringing an open door for the Gospel and a hope that does not disappoint.  100% of all monthly sponsorship funds go directly to the child or designated project. The Gospel brings hope for eternity!




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The Mission

The Mission

Promise Child desires to see the empowerment of underserved children worldwide through sponsorship providing education, nutrition, and the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
The Philosophy

The Philosophy

The Love of God compels us. We believe in indigenous, local intervention to provide children and their communities with sustainable change. We want to adapt our program to each culture and community's specific needs.
The Vision

The Vision

At Promise Child, we care deeply about the individual. Although we desire to help as many children as possible, we aim to expand only with qualified and trained local leaders and the means to have a sustaining and successful program.

We Engage

We engage a wide variety of communities, and it's always our aim not to bring a cookie-cutter program but instead to effectively adapt to the specific needs and culture of the communities we work in. Some locations need more medical care, some church planting, some secondary school opportunities, and others need safe houses. We want to meet others where they are to give them access to the hope found only in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We Partner

We realize that bringing the Gospel to the ends of the earth requires Christians and organizations to link arms. Promise Child partners with multiple ministries. We are a part of Vision 2033, partnering with over 400 like-minded nonprofit organizations and churches to help fulfill the Great Commission by translating the last known languages of the world into the Bible in written and audio format by 2033.

We Guarantee

Due to donations to our general fund, Promise Child can cover all transfer and wiring fees so that 100% of child sponsorship funds go directly to providing for the needs of our children. No administrative fees, no percentage is taken from your donation, no guessing when it comes to your impact! As a whole, our organization is proud to say we operate on an average of 4% overhead.

We Employ

Promise Child supports more than 65 native ministry workers and overseas missionaries to help implement our programs and bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Supporting locals  allows for greater reach to those in the community because there is no language or culture barrier in bringing the Gospel to the unreached. ​This also allows us to have personal, one-on-one interaction with each Promise Child in our program.

The World Needs Change

There is so much pain in the world. Unfortunately, many people, societies, and nations turn to the wrong source for answers. In Christ alone, can we find healing, peace, and salvation. Yes, the humanitarian need is great, but the spiritual need is more significant by far. In every country we work in, we have witnessed that aid can only go so far; the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings about actual change for people and communities. Below are just a few statistics that we fight. As we wait for the return of our Prince of Peace, we aim to see the world changed.

Unreached96.5% of all people groups in this country of Asia are unreached with the Gospel. (not named for security)
LiteracyThere is only a 27% literacy rate in all of South Sudan. Sadly, functional literacy is even lower.
Hunger25% of the entire world’s hungry people live in this one nation in South Asia. (not named for security)
Mortality90% of children who die in Uganda do so from preventable Malaria.

Listen, Act, Learn.
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