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How do I know that my money is going to the children?

Depending upon the country, our in-country ministry workers travel monthly or quarterly to deliver funds to the children. These workers also ensure that the funds are being used for their designated purposes. Since most of our funds are hand-delivered by an in-country ministry worker, we are able to visibly confirm that the needs of the children are being met. Additionally, we try to send a short-term mission team to each area at least once a year. These trips are not only to serve the people in these countries, but also to maintain the integrity of the ministry.

Do I get a monthly bill?

Yes, you will receive a monthly contribution statement. For your convenience, you can also pay directly from our website through our (Make a Contribution) link or have a draft come automatically from your checking account or credit card. All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a tax statement at the end of every year.

How much of my monthly sponsorship money goes to administrative costs?

None! Zip! Zero! Nada! Since it’s inception, Promise Child has been committed to having 100% of money designated for child sponsorship go directly to the children. Our administrative costs are paid for by donations that are given specifically for those purposes. Many of our monthly child sponsors give a small amount over each month that they designate for administrative costs. If you are interested in supporting our administrative costs, please see Administrative Support.

How are children selected to receive support?

We believe God leads every child to us. Our in-country contacts, along with their ministry leaders, discuss specific needs of children in their areas, and choose them for support. We offer support to children of all religious backgrounds and cultures.

How often will I receive updates on my child?

We do our best to update profile cards every other year. Because of unstable conditions that can be caused by many variables, first and foremost, we consider the safety of our contacts. We know and trust each of our contacts and rely upon their wisdom as to the timing of updating profile cards. We are also in continual communication with our in-country contacts and get verbal updates on specific situations or needs that we will inform you of.

Can I visit or have contact with my child?

You may receive translated letters periodically from your child. Letters can be written to your child and, once approved, will be translated and delivered by an in-country ministry worker. When a staff-member is traveling to your child’s country, you may also get the opportunity to send small gifts to your child.  Some of the countries that we are working in do not accept gifts because they create problems among the children such as jealousy and theft. You can also pray about joining us on a short-term mission trip as there is a possibility you may get to see your sponsored child.

What is the most effective way to donate?

To avoid any service fees, the most effective way to donate is either with a hard copy check or automatic bill pay.
If you prefer to use automatic deduction through e-Giving, funds can be taken directly from your checking account or a credit/debit card. The checking account is the safest method because it eliminates any possibility of credit card fraud, expired cards, or account number changes.

Will I be targeted for marketing or continually asked for more money?

Absolutely not. We will make you aware of your child’s needs, but we will not send out requests for birthday, Christmas, or other “gifts.” Many of our sponsors will send one-time gifts for their child at their convenience. This is always welcome, but never required. As for marketing, our database is completely private and will never be given to any other organization. The only time we will send you information by letter or email, is for Promise Child purposes.

What type of commitment is required?

Financial commitments are made on an individual basis, depending on the needs of the child. The individual Promise Child profile cards will give full explanations of each case. If your child’s circumstances improve, and sponsorship is no longer necessary, you will be notified and given the opportunity to sponsor another child. In most cases, we like to see children supported throughout their school years.

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