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Ijomaru Busira

Location: Uganda
Gender: Male
Age & Grade: 16 years in Fifth
Caretaker: Mother
School Status: In school but struggling academically.
Religious Beliefs: I am a Muslim.
Health Issues: I am currently in good health.
Interests: I love to ride bicycles., I love to cook and prepare meals., I love caring for the animals.,
Prayer Requests: Please pray that I would remain in good health.


$15/month provides...

Food & Nutrition

Without proper nutrition, people starve, and students are unable to learn. Providing meals and groceries to desperate communities is a staple at Promise Child.

Medical Help

Countless individuals die every day from preventable diseases and have no access to medical attention. We seek to offer clinical services and life-saving equipment, like malaria nets, to those far off and in dire need.


We help children in five third-world nations access k-12 education who would otherwise be unable to attend. Also, we provide post-secondary schooling and job training to students who show great interest and potential.

The Gospel

We can make all the humanitarian efforts in the world, but if we fail to bring the Hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the world, we have failed. Everything we do is for the glory of God and that others might come into a saving relationship with Jesus.

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