Creating Access for Students and Underserved Communities to Life-Saving Resources &
Eternal Hope in Christ.

Healthy Food

Without proper nutrition, people starve, and students are unable to learn. Providing meals and groceries to desperate communities is a staple at Promise Child.

Hope & Healing

We help break down language, access, and educational barriers to the Gospel by providing audio Bibles in tribal languages. This is accompanied by local church planting, trauma healing, and evangelism.

Medical Help

Countless individuals die every day from preventable diseases and have no access to medical attention. We seek to offer clinical services and life-saving equipment, like malaria nets, to those far off and in dire need.


We help children in five third-world nations access k-12 education who would otherwise be unable to attend. Also, we provide post-secondary schooling and job training to students who show great interest and potential.

It's Simple, Really...

You Sacrifice a little, they benefit a lot.
The Gospel is shared, and God is glorified.


300+ Children
Still Need Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship allows children the opportunity of a new life and hope they would otherwise never have. Sponsorship provides each child with food, education, medical attention, and hope knowing that someone cares for them and that Jesus loves them.

100% of all sponsorship funds go directly to covering the needs of the child sponsored.   

Sponsor A Child

We have over 1,200 Promise Children in Asia, South Asia, Haiti, Uganda, and South Sudan. Help change the world, one child at a time. Your sponsorship provides food, education, shelter, and hope for eternity! Many children in our program still need a personal sponsor family.

Become a Volunteer

Promise Child heavily relies on volunteers to get all the behind-the-scenes stuff accomplished. We can surely use your expertise from writing thank you cards to managing social media or building houses!

Support a Project

Promise Child has numerous community endeavors throughout the six countries we serve, from anti-trafficking homes and medical clinics to Proclaimer (audio Bible) Listening groups and refugee church planting. There is a campaign for everyone to get involved in!

Unfortunately we know that most of our sponsors will not be able to visit our various countries with us. That’s why we do our best to bring you back amazing footage so you can see just how great the impact is around the globe! Please take a few minutes to explore our YouTube Channel and see some incredible videos. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to see all our latest content. 

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