Calvary Chapel Midigo

The ministry of Calvary Chapel Midigo began in 2000 when God called Dr. Juventine Emuku to the remote village of Midigo, located in northwestern Uganda. He began an evangelical Bible study under a mango tree with one other person. The study grew to six people, and then to eight. As he ministered to the medical and spiritual needs of the impoverished people, God began to pour out His Spirit on this 95% Muslim area. Despite the opposition of the gospel by the community, the growth of the medical clinic became a platform for the preaching of the gospel, followed by the planting of a church in Midigo.

Calvary Chapel Midigo is now the home church of over 200 believers, some of whom have come out of the Muslim faith. Adjacent to the church is a thriving hospital, a nursery,  and primary school. Dr. Juventine and his wife, Dr. Elizabeth, have relocated to Soroti to plant a new church there as well as a medical facility. Currently, Pastor Charles Jjagwe and his wife, Levenia, oversee the work of the hospital and the school, and Charles is the senior pastor of the church.

The vision of Calvary Chapel Midigo is to raise up a generation of men and women living for Christ, ministering to one another, until the whole community is affected with the gospel of Jesus Christ.